Monthly Archives: December 2017

Presepe Vivente-an annual tradition

   The Presepe Vivente at Porchia 2017   The annual presepe vivente held in many Italian towns and villages are a traditional  nativity scene which depicts the birt of Jesus as described in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. Whilst the term "nativity scene" typically includes two dimensional depictions in film, painting, printmaking, etc in…
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Tanti Auguri! Happy New Year 2017

            Wishing all our visitors, friends and family a very happy new year 2017  Tanti Auguri! Book your next Painting Holiday by contacting The Retreat here.
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We couldn't quite figure out why Chester wasn't coming to greet us with his usual waggy tail this morning but instead refused to come out of his hut altogether. It wasn't until we realised that must have sat on porcupine last night - judging by the sting sticking out of his bum. Ouch! Spare a…
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