30th July-6th August Course ‘Opera night at macerata and Italian Landscape’

After a flying start to this week the group painted with a certain gusto which I attribute to inspiration from Gullio Gabrielli and in some part to the splendid food and drink that this region boasts, prepared by our in house culinary talent Jana!
She even suprised us with some delicious lavender muffins!

They were a real treat and the colours were natural and vivid!
Not to be out done our guests; Karen from Canada, Nauha from Australia, Jean from Spain, Janet from Norwich and Keith  from London set about creating their own Marchesian delights. Whilst Katya enjoyed a relaxing holiday as many guests, non painting partners do!

Katya reading whilst Pheobe, our pouch supplies some company!
All of our guests had such a wonderfull time (as all groups do!) that they exchanged emails and vowed to keep in touch! Some promising to come back for more painterly adventures at the Le Marche retreat!
Here is just a selection of the painterly contributions achieved by this fantastic group!

Keiths watercolour of 'Force'.

Jean's copy of a Gabrielli's Ascolian scene.


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