Things to do for Non-Painters

For non-painting companions there are many things to do.Most of all, relax in this most beautiful part of the world. Non Painters can spend as much or as little time as you want here at The Retreat'a locations. There are deck chairs outside and a comfortable lounge where you can sit and read.

Country Walks

We have country walks, for example there is a charming derelict chapel nearby or you can take a gentle 30 minute walk through stunning countryside past the sunflower fields to our nearby hill-top town of Force. Force is an ancient town perched 700 m above sea-level, famous for it’s artigiani, including copper beating traditions. There are cafes with panoramic terraces boasting views to the Adriatic Sea, a host of beautiful churches and squares with panoramic views to the mountains.

Le Marche

Le Marche is known as “All of Italy in one region”and yet it is relatively undiscovered and surprisingly accessible. The Sibillini Mountains which are one of the highest sections of the Appenines are laced with old mule tracks and paths which make for great walking and hiking routes. The Sibillini’s are 40km long, contain 10 peaks in excess of 2000m- the whole area is home to many species of rare wildlife and is protected by the Sibillini National Park. A visit to the Gola dell’ Infernaccio, an awe-inspiring gorge or the 17th century Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’ Ambro make for a great day out.

Visit the Park’s website for itineraries and intersting places to go

Find out about the four main sections into which the protected area is divided, that is: the historical slope, the flowering slope, the magic slope, and the sacred slope.

Parco Nazionale Monti Sibillini or the Sibillini website

You can also find itineraries and information on the Lake Fiastra Nature Reserve here and view a map of the area here