Landscape Painting this week 22nd May to 29th May 2017

Days 1+2
What a most splendid week of landscape painting we have just spent at The Retreat. We had guests with plenty of talent, from the U.S.A Jan and Mary (from Seattle and Michigan friends since school!) From S.A came Sue who has travelled on to Florence! From St Andrews Scotland; keen water-colourists and golfers, Alistair and Sylvia!

We started out with two days Motif painting of the adjacent hill town, FORCE, pronounced four chey.

Changing media and brushes along the way. The objectives were to loosen up technique and increase mark making vocabulary. We developed skills using watercolour and experimented with resist.

We used the same study to make transfers that we reworked using acrylics and palette knives. No-one really uses knives anymore...but who knows maybe the trend will grow. They are great fun and a must if you wish to loosen up.
Anyways... enjoy the pics and contact us if you would like to book your next painting holiday.

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