Retaining the soul of a building

Keeping the Italian charm is at the heart of the restoration and renovation of our guest accommodation at the Villa. To give our guests that perfect Italian holiday experience, we are busy cleaning beams and oiling doors, restoring old walls in the bedrooms and coming up with lots of ideas of how to use the beautiful old and durable materials such as the terracotta roof and floor tiles to retain the charm of a typical Marchesian farmhouse. We have seen many restoration projects in the area done by local builders. Sadly, most of them had the authentic Italian character modernised out off them, looking like complete new-builds new replacement "features". As this is something we wanted to avoid in our restoration, we are cleaning and re-installing as many of the old features as possible and already we can see the soul of this building returning to it's former charm. With the walls and floors now taking shape, we are becoming ever more excited about the final look of our guest rooms. We are looking forward to adding the new pictures in the weeks to come.

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