The Retreat Views

This is the view north from the studio. I gunned the camera down the valley just including the onion crop that is in the foreground. The onions are out of focus- to be honest it's all a bit too hazy. So I manipulated the contrasts to give a bluer background and a warmer foreground. It's almost an abstract with strong diagonals . I like how the diagonals at the top are balanced by the large warm diagonal in the mid-ground. This could make a decent subject for a loose painting.

This is a view which I normally cannot see too well. It's hazy again but I used a 55-200mm zoom to cut through and pull up that large hill in the centre.

I like aspects of the composition and decided to post edit some more and crop sections which look more balanced.

As I worked through it was inevitable that some detail would be lost. But i still have the original photo to as a control. It kind of reminded me of those pointillist paintings by Seurat. He always used lots of blues and violets to add depth, so I just felt I should once again post edit the hues and the saturation slightly to see if it could look better.

I think this could also make a decent subject for a small loose painting.

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