"My love of cooking goes back to my childhood creating cupcakes and being taught the importance of cool hands when making pastry by my grandmother. I soon learnt that cooking is an art of creation both with flavours and where possible, presentation. Inspired by my aunt who was Cordon Bleu trained, I wanted to cook quality dishes that impressed. By the time I was a student at university I was the only one who travelled with my own electric hand mixer, rolling pin, cake tins, soufflé dish and range of cookery books!

I was lucky enough to have lived in France and Italy as a student and Italy and Germany as an adult and so have experienced the culinary traditions of differently inspired cooking across Europe. I have also been fortunate to live amongst a very close, international community, which shared the cooking skills and tastes of their own countries from Czech Easter Stuffing to Canadian Maple Chicken. When we lived in Germany dinner parties were regular events and I would spend days pawing over cookery books to come up with impressive menus whilst catering for likes and dislikes and dietary requirements.

I have recently started to fulfil a childhood ambition of creating beautiful and imaginative cakes for special occasions.

Since I have been in Italy I have learnt much from Italian relatives and neighbours about the Italian cuisine and the regional pride in their traditions. I have also relearned the importance of creating dishes around seasonal fayre and enjoy so much the flavour of produce ripened under the hot summer sun.

I hope to be able to impart some of my knowledge and experience, skills and enthusiasm and look forward to meeting you.”